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Love and marriage

Incase anyone noticed I haven't posted for a while.

I've been using my personal time to enjoy my new marriage.

Getting back into the swing of Solar Navy.

Progressing hull designs and ship size classes, logic is pain.

David Hough
{ C U R L Y B O I S {

Having a minor thought here, what do you call curlybois/chihuahuas?

I really don't understand some peoples difficulty with them either.

Just go to the bottom of your code and insert/delete curlybois until the parser stops complaining.

David Hough
Interior prototyping

Trying to create interiors that look right was a pain; especially with top-down, no depth, no shadows. I based it on architectural/schematic drawings. I was ultimately going to create more of a technical drawing style.

David Hough
 Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)

Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)

Yes I known it isn't a word.

But when will it end?

How abstract can abstraction go?

When does it stop?

David Hough
Plot a course for Rigel VII

Got to the point where moving to other points in the solar system was a need. Created this solar system simulation to plot a course to wherever in the solar system you wanted to go.

David Hough
Shipbuilder, needs more grids

Rather than starting with a prefab ship I quickly created a ship designer. I worked quite well and was suprising easy. But here you can see the problem with overdraw and layering.

David Hough

The wreckage of a victim, you can see the torpedo launcher at the front. Again, back to the old problem of over-under.

Screenshot 2016-11-27 19.18.40.png
David Hough
That didn't go to plan...

Well actually it did. Before this you were invincible, after this you were very not invincible. I also added the NASA style grid because you couldn't judge your velocity without a point-of-reference.

David Hough
Enter atmosphere, find friends, kill targets

Ultimately I'm not sure how the fleet aspect of the plan is going to work out and whether or not it's be computationally too expensive. This was also a little experiment with creating friendly ships. As well as creating an "orbit" effect when you're near a planet.

David Hough
Silohettes and trails

Really playing around with colours, silhouettes, trails, and flares here. It was at this point I decided that I was onto something good.

David Hough

Going mad with lens flares here. Creating a sun and flares from the engines. I haven't actually tried flares in 3D yet...

David Hough
Stations are stationary

Experiment with creating stations. With so many colliders I ended up making them stationary. The rule was that ships could pass underneath the stations, but this raised questions with what can/can't you fly under?

David Hough
Cleaner, post processing, balance of physics, and trickery

This is the point I started having an over/under layer of sprites to create sharp edges, removing individual rigid bodies and just having one big rigid body for the whole ship and not using constraints. As much as I hate tiles it works!

Really started experimenting with post-processing effects here (chromatic abberation is not your enemy!)

David Hough
Ship-to-ship combatang

A little too much bloom here, I was experimenting with weapon effects. Position prediction based on velocity was fun too.

David Hough
Rocking radar

A very rudimentary approach to creating a radar effect. I think it was at this point I started looking at post-processing effects to create a bloom on the radar hits.

David Hough
More physics!!!

Dumping a load of square colliders in to see what to expect of the physics performance. Did quite well, Unity is a seriously well rounded engine!

Screenshot 2015-11-04 21.13.16.png
David Hough