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Start the game as a new starship commander. Following the traditional startup mechanics of aeons you will be given a jump-start into the galaxy. First select from one of many hull types. Each hull type has certain specialisations to help you on your journey. Once you have selected a hull you will need to equip it to create your own starship. Select from weapons, systems, superstructures, to create an individual experience with every commander.

Creating a commander

Starting the game, your first step is creating your commander; captain, avatar, character. All of their accumulated skills, wealth, reputation, and ultimate survival revolve around this commander. Using a minimalist character creator, define the look, skills, attributes, and history of your commander. However your commander will ultimately expire. How? That is up to you!


Choose a hull

Using a hybrid of grid-based, modular systems, and low-poly convex meshes you will have a huge choice of hulls to start with. Your ship's hull defines the space-envelope for your ship's interior, as well as a few bonus characteristics to armour, manoeuvring, and firepower.


Equip The ship

Equip your commanders ship with interior and exterior components. Equipment such as gun turrets, radar, torpedo launchers, mining rigs, fuel tanks, specialised superstructures, engines, thrusters, and many more.


Hire the crew

You've got a commander, you've got a ship, now you just need a crew. Using the same system of character creation as the commander you can create a handful of officers to help your new commander.