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Solar Navy

The micro-galactic space-sim being developed by Mugman Studio.

Solar Navy

Solar Navy at its core is a; minimalist, micro-galactic, space, management, construction, simulator. Take control with your commander; whether they’re a pirate, privateer, merchant, or explorer. Their part in the galaxy will revolve around their ship, or will their ship revolve around them? Recruit a specialised group of comrades to their crew to create an unstoppable force of rogues, officers, and companions. Manage the crew through arduous and dangerous journeys, deal with mutiny, disasters, boarding-actions, landing parties, shore leave, and tragedy.


The game starts with the ship commander. Following the traditional startup mechanics of aeons you will be given a jump-start into the galaxy. First select from one of many hull types. Each hull type has certain specialisations to help you on your journey. Once you have selected a hull you will need to equip it to create your own starship. Select from weapons, systems, superstructures, to create an individual experience and tell your own story.


An absolute fundamental of the simulation is granularity. Rather than having an unknown quantity of enemies which spawn from a heuristic value there are a galaxy of individual entities at varying levels of fidelity. The compromise being the overall size of the galaxy versus the fidelity of the simulation. By using a variety of trickery and interconnected systems a realistic but ultimately manageable simulation will be at the player's leisure, ready for their commander to explore.


Make decisions about what course, trading, engagements, exploration. Using naval style chain of command your commander will have a few head officers which help with running the ship. The crew act on a traditional watch system; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th watch. They keep the ship up and running from day-to-day. But when there is a situation a call to action stations brings the whole crew into action.


Emerging as an idea back in 2014, the project has been through prototyping and development ever since. After finally maturing into a shipshape project I decided to take steps to develop this into a final product. My current goal is to create a playable pre-alpha for a crowdfunding campaign and/or Steam Direct/other distribution platform, this is so that I can continue development full-time rather than part-time, this will help complete the project faster.